DSP has a large range of "server commands" available for use that each server can set up to be used by the player base and GMs. Players and tiers of GMs will have access to a certain set of commands, but they all start the same way, with @ symbol. See below for a list of commands players can use.

Certain commands have their own wiki page. Click the link on their name to find out more!

Enter @help in game to see a list of commands, or see below!

Teleportation Commands

These commands immediately teleport you to the designated zone, so be ready!

  • @fenix - The Colosseum (Fenix hangout spot): contains shops, an AH, and a Moogle!
  • @warp - Returns you to your Home Point.
  • @warp reward - Provenance: contains NPCs for certain AF1, Points Rewards, and more!
  • The following cost 500 Tabs per use:
    • @warp help - shows a list of all the available commands!
    • @warp cn - Crawler's Nest entrance at F-13 in Rolanberry Fields.
    • @warp co - Castle Oztroja entrance at F-8 in Meriphitaud Mountains.
    • @warp en - Eldieme Necropolis entrance #1 at I-10 in Batallia Downs.
    • @warp fmf - Full Moon Fountain entrance in Toraimarai Canal.
    • @warp gc - Garlaige Citadel entrance at H-11 Sauromugue Champaign.
    • @warp pi - Purgonorgo Isle in Bibiki Bay.
    • @warp qc - Quicksand Caves entrance at D-12 in Western Altepa Desert.
    • @warp ur - Uleguerand Range entrance at F-7 in Xarcabard.
    • @warp wg - Whitegate Auction House area: an easy teleport to Whitegate.

Shop Commands

These commands open a shop window where you can buy certain items--wherever you are.

  • @cards - opens a shop that sells Corsair cards.
  • @tools - opens a shop that sells Ninja tools.
  • @ranged - opens a shop that sells ranged ammunition.
  • @jugs - opens a shop that sells BST pet jugs and food.

Other Commands

  • @points - displays your current points from the Points & Rewards system.
  • @costume # - Sets player's current costume, # being the ID from this list.
    • Type @costume 0 to reset to your normal appearance.
  • @where - Tells the player about their current position.
  • @drk - Notifies the player how many kills they have related to the DRK unlock quest.
  • @relicTime - this is the only command we've found where you have to type it exactly as shown, with a capital T. Shows the time remaining before you can pick up your next stage of your relic.

Staff Commands

Staff commands are only used to assist players with issues, and never for the staff member or their character's benefit. Please report any abuse of commands to Fluxion.

Tier 1 - Community Moderators (CM)

  • Given commands needed to obtain information on issues, to pass on to other staff.
  • Also has posfix for when players get stuck.

Tier 2 - Rebirth Specialist

  • Given commands needed to process rebirths.
  • Also has jail/pardon for nasty situations.

Tier 3 - Ticketmaster

  • Given most common commands used when resolving player issues.

Tier 4 - Developer

  • Given many of the "testing" style commands for research purposes.

Tier 5 - Owner

  • Given everything else, that no one else should ever need.

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