Some NPCs have been altered to sell items they normally wouldn't. See below for details.

Creepstix - Lower Jeuno, Muckvix's Junk Shop (H-9)

Sells all the items needed for all ten Gobbiebag quests.

Linkshell Concierge - Conquest Point Exchange

We have re-purposed the Linkshell Concierge NPCs in Southern San d'Oria (G-10), Bastok Markets (F-9), Windurst Woods (H-10) to take Conquest Points in exchange for some items. These NPCs function in the same way that the Points & Rewards NPCs do, using base items. Each NPC will have the rank items for sale for CP that a gate guard would usually sell, but at slightly higher prices. This is to make up for any Rank Missions that are broken or uncoded. That way, these items are still available to players even when there are issues present. We plan on adding more items to this NPC in the future, as well.

The spreadsheet showing base items and prices is available on our Google Drive. Click here!

Crafting NPCs - Guild Point Exchange

Eight NPCs have been placed in The Colosseum with goods that can get you most of the way to level 100 in a craft of your choice! Head to @fenix to snag their sweet deals.

Rewards, Points, AF, oh my!

Our Provenance zone houses our shops involved with the Points & Rewards system, along with NPCs that sell AF gear for jobs whose quests are un-coded. Check out the @reward page for details!

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