Thank you for considering donating to Fenix!

Where Your Donations Go

Donations go directly into a "bucket" that our host, NFOServers, draws from when collecting our monthly fee.

The donation process is new, so we're not sure what happens when that bucket "overflows", but if we are able to use the money elsewhere, it will go to Facebook ads for the Fenix page. If we continue to get overflows for a long period of time, we may consider server upgrades, but we're pretty happy with its performance at this time.

How to Donate

Click Here to Donate to Fenix - in the "Optional note to recipient" box, please type your character name.

The link is set up to go directly to the account associated with the server, so there is no need to specify manually who you're donating to, just how much and from where. Don't feel the need to donate large amounts - our monthly fee is very reasonable!


We're strictly not a "pay to win" community, so the only perk for donating at this time is a special tag in our Discord channel. We will record the names of those who donate in case we implement small perks in the future. These perks will not benefit your character in a way that would make it out-class other players, even in the slightest. We appreciate your contributions either way!

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