Staff members have separate characters for their GMs. They do not play the game itself with the GM character, only with their player character. We love the game too and want to play! So, as a courtesy, please try not to bother a GM when they are playing on their player character.

GM's player characters have very minimal commands, such as posfix and the "check" commands (see Community Manager section below).

Server Founder & Host


"I established the Fenix server in April 2016. Along with all the responsibilities of the 'owner' position, I am the communication/PR specialist for Fenix. I handle the social networks, wiki, recruitment, and most other public communications. I'm slowly gaining proficiency in lua coding and SQL statements, and have written my share of custom content. Specifically, I'm best at the Points & Rewards system, the AH, and finding errors in code. You'll most likely meet me when you first join the server, as I assist with the character transfer process and installation. All players are welcome to contact me by any means for any personal concerns, unreasonably outstanding issues, or just for questions, though when possible, I ask that you utilize our excellent CMs and ticket system." - Fluxion

  • Player characters: Paksenarrion, Kvothe

T4 - Developer

These staff members are very behind-the-scenes. They are not meant for day-to-day player issues, but rather they work on code, pushing out new content, and shaping ideas into realities! They're around for help in a pinch, but please contact your CMs first.


  • Specializes in gameplay mechanics and how it "should" work/feel/act in regard to damage, jobs, spells, everything. Extensive knowledge of 75 era (and current too) and its functions, along with what changed when. Gaining a strong hold on code related to those items. Huge source of knowledge for almost anything related to FFXI gameplay. Flux's bae.

T3 - Ticketmaster

TMs focus on help tickets and issues and getting those things resolved in-game when possible for the players.


  • Player character: Patriarch

T2 - Rebirth Specialist

Pretty self-explanatory, they give you your loots!


  • Player character: Amu

T1 - CM (Community Moderator)

These staff members focus on players and resolving issues. They are the most present in-game and should be your first stop for help after you or the LS couldn't solve your problem.


  • Player character: Likora


  • checkmission/checkvar
  • getid
  • gmisland
  • hasitem/haskeyitem
  • posfix
  • setmentor


Advisors are pretty self-explantory - they advise. They're good friends and previous staff members that we keep around for verbal input. They have no GM powers, only access to staff communication channels.


Our Help Desk manager and technical consultant. Real-life friend of Darvis and Fluxion.

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