Fenix has merged with Era!

Change your server IP from to - create an account and character, then submit a request for your Fenix data to be transferred here:

See below for old information about the Fenix server.

  • Fenix sports a unique Points & Rewards System for coveted drops. Rewards are granted in the form of points for completing major story events and defeating top-tier monsters & bosses from each FFXI expansion present on Fenix. The points can then be used to obtain the gear. See @reward to cash in!
  • Server crashes and downtime are very rare on Fenix due to our immense focus on stability!
  • Fenix Mythic Quest has been implemented!
  • We're on Discord! If you can't find us in game, we are all usually using the Discord mobile app to stay in touch. Text and voice chat are used. See our Discord Setup guide for more information.
  • And much more! Please check out the pages below for all the information about Fenix you need!

Getting Started

Ready to join? Please check out our How to Join page, a step-by-step guide on returning to Vanadiel with us!

Below are some helpful links, but if you're searching for something specific, please try out the search bar at the top of the page!

Important Information

Highly recommended - go over before or just after starting on Fenix!

Fenix Customizations

Exclusive Fenix Content

Other Content

Other Information

What's coded and what isn't?


  • Glossary - an extensive list of relevant terms for new players.
  • Member Map - check to view other Fenix members, or add yourself, if you want!

Latest activity

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