We take pride in the fact that we respond quickly to tickets and solve player issues usually within the same day! Please read all of the following to have the best support ticket experience possible.

Before Opening a Ticket

  • Check the Fenix wiki.
  • Check them both again.
  • Retrace your steps and be absolutely sure you did every step correctly.
    • Trust us, you wouldn't believe how many tickets can be avoided by just a quick double or triple check. This is to help us keep the amount of tickets down so we can help you get your problems solved fast.
  • Ask the Serverwide linkshell for help, or what they did in the situation.
    • This solves problems a lot of times too. You have helpful server-mates, use them! Everyone is always willing to help.
  • Ask a CM for help (current CMs listed on the Fenix Staff page). They can advise about opening a ticket.
  • When you're absolutely sure you can't find a solution on your own, consider opening a ticket.

Opening a Ticket

  • Log in using an email address, preferably the one that you registered with so that your character name shows.
    • Don't use your real name when editing your Profile, character name is fine, and much more useful to us.
    • If not registered, please click the Registration link to fill out the form.
  • Choose a Summary that accurately represents your issue/request.
    • Example: "Desert Rarab not spawning in W. Altep" rather than "bunny no in hot place"
  • Please do not skip anything, it is all essential to getting your issue solved. A ticket may not be able to be processed if it has missing information.
    • Specify the character name to which the ticket refers.
  • In the Description field, be as detailed as possible, and use clean, clear language (hopefully free of typos) so we will know exactly what is going on right away.
  • Supply screenshots if you can!
  • Click Submit Request once.
  • You will be notified by email when we work on your ticket.

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