Welcome to Fenix! We're very glad to have you. Now, enough talk, let's get you in the game!

FYI: You do not need your retail FFXI/PlayOnline login info to play on Fenix or complete a server transfer. Forgot your username and password years ago? No problem! The only thing you may need to be able to log into is your profile.

To make it even easier to join Fenix, this guide has now been split between "required" and "optional". Just follow the Required section if you just want to get online, but be sure to check out the Optional items to access some of our awesome features, such as the Points & Rewards system, server transfer applications, access to Guildwork, and more!

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Required (I want on Fenix now!)

  • Set up Windower or Ashita.
  • That's it! You'll have a linkpearl in your inventory upon logging in, so equip it and say hello!

Optional (I want to have the full Fenix experience!)

  • Register with us! This will assure that your character and alt characters gain access to @reward and other Fenix perks. See the Registration guide for details. It only takes a minute!
  • Join the Fenix Guildwork Site. This is our main hub of communications, and gives you access to update information, new, server transfer applications, event calendars, and more!
    • To join, either submit a blank application (you must be logged into Guildwork to see the link) - or even if you've played FFXI on a retail or private server previously, start creating your real Server Transfer Application in the same location!
  • Like our Facebook page!
    • This will post Fenix posts to your News Feed, keeping you up-to-date on any server maintenance or current events (don't worry, we won't spam you).
    • For liking our page, you will also receive a free capped skill (combat or magic) in-game! Simply like the page, then message the Facebook page with your character name.
    • Sharing and liking our posts is always appreciated as well! Sharing the pinned post will net you an additional capped skill (and this one can be a craft)!
  • If you've played FFXI on a retail or private server previously, start creating your Server Transfer Application! You may have a lot to think about, so getting this done while the game is installing may be a good use of your time. 
  • Get on Discord, our voice and text chat client (optional, but worth it!).

If at any point you require technical help with installation, please feel free to post on our Guildwork forums, or chat with us on Discord. We can even get on Skype and screen share! We're here to help in any and every way! We also have a Troubleshooting page here on the wiki that gives solutions for the most common problems.

Other Helpful Links

  • Server Information - details about playing on Fenix, and how it differs from retail and other private servers.
  • Troubleshooting - common technical problems, with solutions.

Once again, thanks for joining and welcome to Fenix!

Things to Do When Starting Out

You may not know where to begin when you create your character (especially if you do a Server Transfer!). Here are some suggestions, should you need them, and links with more information.

  • Review the Server Information wiki page for all the details on how our server is customized.
  • Don't buy spell scrolls! Type @warp reward and trade 50,000 gil to Tenzen to have them all unlocked.
  • Take a look at the Commands page so you know how to get around, and access special shops and teleports.
  • Work on your Fame/Reputation levels.
    • Recommended: The quest Only the Best will get you fame in Bastok, San d'Oria, and Jeuno. One stack (12) of Boyahda Moss will get you to the maximum fame level, and can be bought at the Alchemy NPC in @warp reward.
  • Make your first run to Jeuno. Once your grab a home point there, you can teleport back at your convenience, but there's always that first run on foot!
  • Begin your Gobbiebag quests to increase your inventory size. All items are available on the AH for 2gil, just turning them in for all ten quests takes time.
  • As soon as possible, start your Limit Break/Genkai quests, especially if you transferred a level 75 job. If you de-level to 74 (which will happen the first time you die, unless you get an exp buffer), you won't be able to reach 75 again until the Limit Breaks are done.
  • Start your missions: nation rank missions and expansion missions.
    • CoP is currently uncapped! (Level 75 in Promyvion, yes please!)
  • Complete your subjob quest.
  • Or just ask in the LS! Someone is always up to some shenanigans, or can offer some suggestions.

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