Until you're established on Fenix (or even sometimes when you are already), gil can be hard to make. This page shall serve as a list of the some efficient ways to make gil on Fenix.

Feel free to add your own, or get a hold of us on the forum with your ideas!

Guides by Fenix Members!

General Tips

  • Gil rewards from quests are multiplied by 3 on Fenix, so any quest listed below is usually based on that. If you're not seeing a quest you want to do, head to the FFXIclopedia Quests list and find one you like more!
  • Fields of Valor and Grounds of Valor have a decent gil payout.
  • All mobs on Fenix drop a small amount of gil to help out!

Low Level

  • An Explorer's Footsteps, sometimes known as the "Stone Monument quest" or the quest for the Crawler's Nest map. Some of the clay tablets can get you 30k, which is a lot at lower levels. As you wander the world for experience points, most of the time you will find a Stone Monument in that zone anyway. This quest is not repeatable, but helps to get a new player their footing.
  • Gourmet - this quest takes either Sleepshrooms, Treant Bulbs, or Wild Onions, which can be found easily if you're a low level player.
    • La Theine Plateau has a Fields of Valor page specifically for Funguars, and you'll gain Sleepshrooms while killing them. You can solo level from 14 to 22 there, so it's a great time to do this quest.
  • Killing some Quadavs? Check out Vengeful Wrath, where Quadav Helms can be turned in for ~2700 gil.

Mid Level

Repeatable, with no timers:

  • Seeing Spots - this quest requires 4 ladybug wings and will get you ~9k gil. Ladybugs are level 44 or higher. People usually farm these in East Ronfaure [S].
  • Tiger's Teeth - gives 6.5k for every 3 Black Tiger Fangs.
  • Some people like to farm coffer/chest keys and open them for the gil. Coffers can net you 30-60k!

High Level

  • Consider leveling a craft, and making sought-after HQ items, like Dusk Gloves +1 or the Aristocrat's Coat.
  • Spell scrolls, gemstones, logs, and more items sell quite well to NPCs. Find a good one to farm and stock up!
  • Farming in Labyrinth of Onzozo, killing Mantas (Manta Skins sell for 1k each) and Goblin Alchemists, opening coffers, and the killing Moldavite Earring NM can yield around 100-150k an hour with TH4.

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