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On Fenix, you choose what loot you want. When you overcome a challenge, you are rewarded with points along with gear and/or weapons (including some Custom Drops). The points can then be turned in for the rewards of your choosing.

Ready for riches? See below for everything you need to know.

Gaining Points

The points you earn on Fenix are separated into three categories: Bayld, Plasm, Notes, and Units (you may recognize them from other expansions, ones not present on Fenix. We borrowed them them!). Type @points to check your totals in a handy system message. They can also be accessed from the Currencies menus.

You will receive a message in game when you receive points, unless it is during a cutscene. Please check our Custom Drops page to see what drops what!

We also have a weekly rotating point mob, for you soloers out there. Talk to the Moogle in @reward to get the theme, and the Promotions & Events page for that theme's mobs!

Conquest Points

We have re-purposed the Linkshell Concierge NPCs in Southern San d'Oria (G-10), Bastok Markets (F-9), Windurst Woods (H-10) to take Conquest Points in exchange for some items. These NPCs function in the same way that the other NPCs do, using base items. Each NPC will have the rank items for sale for CP that a gate guard would usually sell, but at slightly higher prices. This is to make up for any Rank Missions that are broken or uncoded. That way, these items are still available to players even when there are issues present.

Obtaining Rewards

Loaded with points and ready to get epic? Head to @reward to access a friendly moogle with some sweet deals!

Step 1

Figure out what item you want.

Step 2

Buy the number of item you need for that item from the Moogle (use the spreadsheet linked below).

Step 3

Trade the base items to the Moogle to have your points deducted automatically, and the reward placed in your inventory.

Sort your inventory if the item does not appear right away.

Reward List

When you're ready, see below. Remember, no refunds, so make sure you have all the right information!

Please access the Fenix Google Drive to view the spreadsheet containing information on base items, costs, currency types, NPC name, and more!

Don't forget to view the Rewards Spreadsheet Readme for more information on using the spreadsheet. And if it doesn't open in "Google Sheets", make sure you open it with that, or download it. Otherwise you may not be able to see the "tier" tabs at the bottom.

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