New Player Promotion

Not just for new players! See below! 6/29/17 - ???

New Player Package

Some of you may remember the New Player Package from 2016 - and it's back for 2017, but ramped up! Starting now, all players who have not done a Rebirth/Transfer are eligible for the New Player Package:

  • One non-advanced level 75 job
  • One non-advanced level 37 job

(Non-advanced = WAR, MNK, WHM, THF, RDM, BLM)

  • 1 capped combat or magic skill

To obtain the package: just register with us!

  1. Click this link.
  2. Enter an email address where it says "Complete the form below to get started" and click Login.
  3. Just below the Fenix logo, click the tab that says "Registration". (this only appears after entering your email address)
  4. Fill out the form - the New Player Promotion info boxes are at the bottom! Be sure to fill them in!

For non-"new" players:

That's not all - for the first time ever, ALTERNATE characters of main characters who have previously done a Rebirth/Transfer may take advantage of the New Player Package! But only until August 1! Submit a ticket here to receive the package: - IMPORTANT! Include your: Main character name, the name of the character (or characters) receiving the package, desired 75 job, desired 37 job, and desired combat or magic skill. Remember, no advanced jobs. Main characters are only eligible if they have not previously done a Rebirth/Transfer. Submit your ticket by August 1! After that, only Main characters will be eligible.

Kumhau - pre-requisite quest removed!

All characters may now warp to Kumhau at any time! The prerequisites for the Trial of Fenix: Pain have been lifted as part of our New Player Promotion! (Unrelated to the promotion: Kumhau has received some nerfs. He should still put up a fight, but not an impossible one.)

Fenix NM Event

Every two weeks or so, we like to have a NM get beefed up and loaded with special drops for players to take down!

Current Event:

Dd oupire

Rotating Bonus Point Mobs


Thank you Jersey for the image!

Most "boss" type mobs on Fenix drop points for use in our Points & Rewards system, but we also give some of the little guys a chance to net you some points as well!

  • The mob chosen has a high enough level that it gives exp to a level 75.
  • The point drop amount is based on the difficulty, spawn points, and level of the monster.
  • The bonus point mob will automatically rotate every week at the same time as Conquest Tally, and they will drop an additional amount of their designated point.
  • The bonus point mob will be a random choice from a list of old and new point mobs that we assembled.
  • To find out what the current bonus point group is, talk to the Rewards Moogle in @reward, but you can choose to farm points from any of those shown below.
Group Name Zone Point Targets
Bibiki Bayld Bibiki Bay Bayld Catoblepas & Camelopard
Volcano Fish Hunt Mount Zhayolm Plasm Sicklemoon & Sulphuric Jagil
Notes in the Mire Caedarva Mire Notes Chigoes, Imps, Soulflayers
Mountains of Units Meriphataud Mountains [S] Units Scolopendrid & Mountain Scolopendrid
Dungeon Crawl Bostaunieux Oubliette Bayld Panna Cotta & Nachtmahr
Bunny Slopes Uleguerand Range Plasm Variable Hare & Uleguerand Tiger
Royal Undead King Ranperre's Tomb Notes Spartoi Sorcerer & Warrior
The Spread of Crabs Vunkerl Inlet [S] Units Duriumshell
Beach Bums Cape Teriggan Bayld Greater Manticore & Sand Cockatrice
Fight Weapons with Weapons Ro'Maeve Plasm Apocalyptic, Infernal, & Ominous Weapon
Frogger and Company Mamook Notes Mamools and Poroggos
These Flightless Birds Grauberg [S] Units Grauberg Hippogryphs
Buffalo Wings Lufaise Meadows Plasm Abraxas and Tavnazian Rams
Trolled Hard Halvung Notes All Trolls
The Time Has Come Xarcabard [S] Units Savage Ruszor

Facebook Rewards!

We need YOU to get the word out about Fenix! Here's what you need to do:

Page Like - Reward: 1 capped combat or magic skill!

  1. Like the Facebook page, then send us a message with your character name and what skill you desire!

Post Share - Reward: 1 level 100 craft!

UPDATED JUNE 26 2017: Share the new post (linked below) to get ANOTHER reward, even if you already did it once before! Be sure to follow all steps and make sure you're registered to be eligible!

  1. Click this link to view one of our posts.
  2. Click "Share" at the bottom of the post.
  3. In the drop-down menu, change "Who should see this?" to "Public (Anyone on or off Facebook)". <= IMPORTANT, we can't see that you shared if you don't do this step!
  4. Share the post on your Facebook timeline.
  5. IMPORTANT: Message our Facebook page ( then "Message") and give us the name of the character who wants the reward!

That's it! Thanks everyone!

Recruitment Prize Packages

Bring friends, register, and get stuff! Check out our Recruitment Prize Packages page for details.

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