Not ready to start completely over from scratch? Don't wanna abandon those relics? You're in luck! Fenix provides a FREE server transfer! You just need to apply and be approved.

Our application process starts on the Server Transfer App section of our Fenix Guildwork page . You will need a working log-in for .

Application Process

On the Fenix Guildwork, you will find an application to have your character reborn our server. To do this, please complete each of the fields, and supply the screenshots in the designated field that clearly show you in possession of each piece of gear on your previous server. The Fenix staff will use these screenshots to validate your current progress and authorize the transfer. Fenix staff may request additional information required to validate your existing character. works great for screenshots, but you may upload the images as well. character information can be used to verify items/level as well. (If you're using information from a private server - skip this part! You'll just do screenshots.) You will need to be able to log in to your FFXIAH account as part of the verification process. The items you request MUST appear on FFXIAH, either equipped on your character or under the Equip History tab. If they don't, screenshots of the items in-game will be required. If using FFXIAH instead of screenshots, please post the link to your FFXIAH character.

Screenshots can be used for transferring from private servers, or if your FFXIAH is too old/unavailable.

Some items are restricted. Please see below for the list.

Before or after approval, please create your character on Fenix with your desired name and appearance. We will add your transfer levels/gear to it when approved.

Once your application has been approved, we will keep an eye out for you in-game to complete the process. Feel free to hop on Discord in the meantime, or chat with us in the Fenix Linkshell!

NEW: If you "Like" our Facebook Page, we will cap an additional skill of your choice (crafts not included)! Please fill in the Facebook Skill Cap Info section below (after liking the page) if you would like to take advantage of this offer.

What do I get with the Rebirth? 

The application will ask you for the following information, and screenshots for some:

  • Your Fenix character name, former server name, and your name there. One level 75 "main job" and three level 37 "support jobs".
    • Note: If you bring level 75 jobs, you will be at 75 with zero exp. That means if you die, you will delevel to 74. And that means to get to 75 again, you'll have to complete genkai (limit break) 1-5, since it technically hasn't been done yet. Just a heads up! Don't worry, we're here to help you get it done in no time at all. 
  • Two capped combat or magic skills, plus your Facebook profile name and desired additional capped skill, if applicable.
  • 1 relic weapons (includes Aegis).
  • 10 rare/ex items, or 5 rare/ex items and nation mission progress. All must listed as the FFXIAH website URL.
  • See next section for items that are restricted from transfers.

Restricted Items

The following items will NOT be approved for transfer. These restrictions are in place to prevent damage to the player-driven economy.

  • Non-rare/ex items
  • Ancient (Dynamis) Currency
  • Maat's Cap
  • Mythic weapons
  • Certain CoP Mission Completion Rewards
    • Rajas Ring, Tamas Ring, Sattva Ring
    • Suppanomimi, Bushinomimi
    • Abyssal Earring, Beastly Earring, Knight's Earring
  • Absolute Virtue Drops
    • Ninurta's Sash, Aureole, Futsuno Mitama, Bellona's Ring, Mars's Ring, Minerva's Ring, Raphael's Rod
  • Salvage Gear
    • Marduk's, Morrigan's, Usukane, Ares, and Skadi gear
  • Pandemonium Warden Drops
    • Nachiryu Haramaki, Nanatsusaya, Dorje, Shenlongs, Baghnakhs
  • Certain ToAU Mission/Event Rewards
    • Glory Crown, Ulthalam's Ring, Balrahn's Ring, Jalzahn's Ring


Q: Why can't I transfer my complete character and all of my items?

A: There are a few reasons for our limits. Our current method of importing player data into the database is time consuming. Second, the server staff must validate each item you want to transfer, which takes additional time. Finally, while we are happy to provide a means for players not looking to start over from scratch, it is important that players joining Fenix have something to do and accomplish once they join. If we transferred complete (or near complete) accounts there wouldn't be much to accomplish on Fenix.

Q: Can I transfer my mission ranks?

A: Currently, we cannot transfer mission from Zilart and Chains of Promathia, but we may in the future. For now, it's just verified Nation ranks.

Q: Will my completed quests transfer to Fenix?

A: No. We do not plan to transfer any fame or quest progress.

Q: On retail, I upgraded Relic/Artifact armor past level 75. How will this transfer to Fenix?

A: We will convert the item to the highest possible level 75 version. If you can supply the 75 item URL from FFXIAH in your application, that saves us time, but isn't required.

Q: Will my advanced job levels be transferred?

A: Yes, so long as you detail those jobs and their respective levels in your application. Unlocking them on Fenix is no longer necessary.

Q: Is there any cost for this service?

A: No, Fenix and server transfers are free to all users. If you are interested in donating to those providing these services, please send a PM to Izual.

Q: Will I be able to transfer my merit points?

A: No. Merit points and merited skills and abilities are not transferable. Traditional merit point camps (Greater Colibri and Ebony Puddings) are loaded with soul plates to provide incentive for players who may need to re-merit some of their jobs.

Q: Can I transfer my mule account, or split my application between multiple characters?

A: We kindly request that you level your alt/mule account manually on Fenix. Having a healthy population of people actively leveling is important to the server. We appreciate your understanding.

Q: How long will it take to transfer my levels and items?

A: Depending on request volume and staff availability, the server transfer service may take 1-3 days from the time your application is approved. We thank you for your patience!

Q: My jobs have been transferred, but I don't have access to my advanced job. What happened?

A: You will have to complete the required quests to regain access to advanced jobs. Once you complete the required quest you will be able to switch to your advanced job, and the job will be the level you requested on your transfer application.

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