We have implemented a registration process for Fenix to be sure all your player wants and needs are handled in an organized, professional manner. It only takes a minute, and it gets you your starting gil!

NOTE: as of 5/11/17 you do not need to register on the below website if you've already done a Rebirth on our Guildwork. We got ya covered!

  • Please head to and log in using an email address.
    • This email address will only be used to send you updates on support tickets, inform you on important player-specific information (such as data loss or information about a ban), or for giving you special access to the Google Drive. Fenix will not email you ads, promotions, or any other unwanted correspondence.
  • Then, click the Registration tab to fill out our registration form. Don't worry if you don't have alts yet, as you can submit a ticket later to add them, along with friends you recruit, app changes, and more!

Perks to Registering:

  1. 250,000 gil on your main character
  2. Eligible to obtain recruitment prize packages or certain promotions
  3. Ability to use voice chat in our Discord server

Thanks everyone!

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