Here on Fenix we don't have many rules. The ones we do have are to keep the server healthy and fun. These rules not only apply to in-game actions, but also any medium of Fenix communication, such as Discord, social media, forums, or private messages.

We work with a system of infractions, recorded in a private character log only accessible by staff.

  1. Upon the first infraction for breaking a rule, you will be verbally warned by a GM.
  2. The second infraction will result in jail time, the length of which to be determined by the severity of the infraction.
  3. The third infraction will result in a temporary server ban, lasting 72 hours. Attempts to evade the ban will immediately result in a fourth infraction.
  4. The fourth infraction will result in a permanent ban from the Fenix server and media platforms.


Botting of any kind is not allowed on Fenix.

Fenix LS Pearl

We ask that you please have the Fenix linkshell pearl on at all times. Important information flows through this chat channel, and we don't want you to miss any of it! Infractions are usually not given out for this, unless it is part of a larger issue.

Exploiting Glitches

Purposefully exploiting glitches will not be tolerated, and an appropriate punishment shall be applied to all players involved when we detect the exploit. Anything the player gained from using the exploit will be removed, along with additional items/currencies/points.

If you're not sure if it's an exploit, ask, or use common sense. You will also be rewarded for reporting glitches to staff.


GMs generally do not get involved in the players social interactions. However, we do have some basic guidelines in order to maintain a safe and comfortable atmosphere, where all members are to be treated with respect at all times. We all want to enjoy ourselves without having to worry about being offended or feeling uncomfortable in any way, shape, or form. Please open a ticket with a screenshot if an infraction occurred while no witnesses were present, or if it occurred in private messaging.

Below is a list of what are considered to be social infractions. Please open a ticket with a screenshot if an infraction occurred while no witnesses were present, or if it occurred in private messaging.

  • Creating drama intentionally
  • Hurtful or negative remarks
  • Harassment of players or staff
  • Sexual harassment of players or staff
  • Sexual discrimination
  • Racial discrimination or racist comments
  • Abusive comments
  • Pointless arguing with no legitimate reason
  • Disrespecting staff or event leaders
  • Server misrepresentation (intentionally making Fenix look "bad" in the public eye)
  • Badmouthing the server or its members, past or present
  • Excessive begging for assistance while offering nothing in return

Multiple Characters

There are no limitations on Fenix for multiple characters besides the following:

  • Only your main registered character and two registered "alts" can access @reward to spend points.

If your party/event leader chooses, they may restrict alts/mules from their event. This is up to them and will not be enforced either way by the sever staff.

Also, because of transfers/rebirths, we do not encourage people to "give away" their characters to other people. Most times this is not a problem, but if it becomes an issue, we will take steps to remove things from the "given" character as to not give the recipient an unfair advantage over others.

Auction House

Here on Fenix, we stock the Auction House with crafting materials as a convenience. We are not obligated to do this for the players here. That being said, if anyone is seen purposefully buying out the entire auction house stock of any item, that item will be permanently removed from the auction house, and the item will be removed from all player inventories. Please be considerate to your fellow players when buying.

Staff Rules

  • GM characters shall be on the same account as the GM's player character, with few exceptions.
  • GMs shall never use their commands to benefit themselves or other players unnecessarily.
    • Players should report command abuse to Fluxion.
  • GMs do not do GM things while under the influence of heavy drugs or alcohol.
  • All staff members shall follow all other guidelines found in the Good Book of Fenix (Google drive Admin folder).

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