Please know that, I am not responsible if you get defeated by monsters for your gil makings. So, please travel safe as you start making gil. Also, do not blame people if they are interested in your hunt. Moreover, I might improve this in another time.

1. The Merchant's Bidding

  • Location - Southern San d'Oria (E-8)
  • NPC: Parvipon
  • 3 Rabbit Hides - 120 gil

2. Bite the Dust

  • Location - Port Bastok (H-6)
  • NPC: Yazan
  • 1 Sand Bat Fang - 350 gil

3. Shady Business

  • Location - Port Bastok (F-6)
  • NPC: Tablib
  • 4 Zinc Ore x4 350 gil

[Important Note]

You can do this for Tenshodo Fame and in order to do that, you must max your fame for

Bastok to discount the price for Zinc Ore.

4. Smoke on the Mountain

  • Location - Metalworks (G-9)
  • NPC: Hungry Wolf
  • 1 Galkan Sausage 300 gil

[Important Note]

Use Giant Sheep Meat to trade it to he ??? in the campfire which is located at northeast corner of K-10 to a goblin camp at the top of a small hill. Also, Examine the fire to get your Galkan Sausage.

5. Creep Crawlies

  • Location - Windurst Woods (I-6)
  • NPC: Illu Bohjaa
  • 3 Silk Thread or Crawler Calculus 600 gil

6. In a Pickle

  • Location - Windurst Water North (F-10)
  • NPC: Chamama
  • 1 Smooth Stone 200 gil & Bone Hairpin

7. The Postman Always K.O.s Twice

  • Location - Windurst Walls (J-12)
  • NPC: Ambrosius
  • 1 Damp Evelope, Muddy Bar Tab, Odd Postcard, Torn Epistle 50/500gil

[Important Note]

 If you turn them all in, it counts as a 500gil. If you turn in one, it counts as a 50 gil.

8. Mandragora-Mad

  • Location - Windurst Walls (E-5)
  • NPC: Yoran-Oran
  • 1 Cornette, Four-leaf Mandragora Bud, Snobby Letter, Three-Leaf Mandragora Bud, Yuhtunga Sulfur

[Important Note]

Yoran-Oran needs at least one of the following:

  • Four-Leaf Mandragora Bud 120 gil
  • Cornette 200 gil
  • Yuhtunga Sulfur 250 gil
  • Three-Leaf Mandragora Bud 1,200 gil
  • Snobby Letter 5,500 gil

{Additional Note}

This quest will raise fame for Mhaura, Khazam, and Windurst. So, the best way to max your celebrity status is to purchase Cornette from merchant at Bastok Market that sells Bard instruments and scroll of melodys. Over all, in my opinion, 80 Cornettes should max you out.

9. Fear of the Dark

  • Location - Northern San d'Oria (F-6)
  • NPC: Secodiand
  • 2 Bat Wings 200 gil

10. Tiger's Teeth

Location - Southern San d'Oria (E-9)

NPC: Taumila

3 Black Tiger Fangs 2,100 gil

11. Thick Shells

  • Location - Port San d'Oria (I-10)
  • NPC: Vounebariont
  • 5 Beetle Shells 750 gil

12. Only the Best

  • Location - Selbina (I-9)
  • NPC: Melyon
  • 5 La Theine Cabbage or 3 Millioncorn or 1 Boyahda Moss 100 gil -to- 600 gil

[Important Note]

  • La Theine Cabbage 100 gil per trade, 240 gil per stack.
  • Millioncorn 120 gil per trade, 480 gil per stack.
  • Boyahda Moss 600 gil per trade, 7200 gil per stack.

{Additional Note}

You can raise your fame in Bastok, San d'Oria, and Jeuno. So, my opinion is to purchase Millioncorn from Windurst waters groceries merchant about 10x stacks of Millioncorn to complete your celebrity status.

13. Orlando's Antiques

  • Location - Mhaura (G-9)
  • NPC: Orlando
  • Fish Bones, Chicken Bone, Goblin Die, Rotten Meat, Goblin Cup, Fingernail Sack, Teeth Sack, Beastcoin, Silver Beastcoin, Mythril Beastcoin, Gold Beastcoin 100 gil -to- 900 gil.

[Important Note]

Silver, Mythril, Gold, Beastcoin are used to unlock stone walls in Sea Serpent Grotto and it takes just one that does not get consumed by the door. So, be wise on how many you trade.

  • Fish Bones - 100 gil
  • Chicken Bone - 120 gil
  • Goblin Die - 120 gil
  • Rotten Meat - 150 gil
  • Goblin Cup - 200 gil
  • Fingernail Sack - 200 gil
  • Teeth Sack - 250 gil
  • Beastcoin - 600 gil
  • Silver Beastcoin - 750 gil
  • Mythril Beastcoin - 800 gil
  • Gold Beastcoin - 900 gil

You must speak with Orlando again before you are able to to trade another 8 items.

{Additional Note}

It is easy to steal and to drop Beastcoins, so play as a THF or whatever to attain these.

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