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Welcome to Fenix! Here you will find our general server information, for beginners and veterans alike.

The joy of Fenix is its customization! See the list below what we've done to the server to make it special and more enjoyable for everyone. Updated as often as possible. Feel free to ask if anything is unclear.

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Fenix Specialties

  • "Boss" type enemies (example: HNMs) drop points, and some Custom Drops! Points can be exchanged for gear in the Points & Rewards system.
  • Regret building that relic because it ended up not being as great as you imagined (hello Kikoku)? Try it on Fenix, you may be delighted with the (buffed) results. Check Custom Abilities for details.
  • An exclusive Fenix Mythic Quest is live and underway!
  • We have our own Fenix Google Drive that houses important documents and handy supplies.
  • We have coded Custom Items to have hidden effects, that are way better than their normal counterparts!


  • Level cap is 75.
  • New characters have 80 available inventory slots upon creation (no gobbie bag quests!)
  • Experience point gain is increased by 3.5x, which also affects page (Fields of Valor, Grounds of Valor) page completion bonuses.
  • Experience point loss upon death is 1x.
  • Combat skill-up rate is increased by 5x.
  • Crafting skill-up rate is increased by 5x.
  • Crafting skill-up amounts are increased by 1.25x, which means a single skill-up can be up to 0.9!
  • Starting gil is 10 gil for new characters, but you get 100,000 on your main character when you register.
    • You get 250,000 during March 2017!
  • Choosing a day of the week to craft based on crystal element works for a better success rate, along with the HQ/NQ rate changes based on moon phase.
  • Direction faced while crafting has no effect on results.
  • Reputation/fame gain is increased by 5x.
    • One stack of Boyahda Moss for the Only the Best quest is all it should take to max you out for the corresponding cities. The Alchemy NPC in @craft sells it!
  • Movement speed is increased by about 2x.
  • Mog Wardrobe 3 and 4 are available to all!
  • You can take as many crafts to 100 as you like.
  • All jobs have Widescan I.
  • The traditional 2008 "2-hour" cooldown timer is set to the current retail value of 1 hour.
  • JP Midnight is PST Midnight on Fenix.
  • Greater Colibri and Ebony Pudding drop Soul Plates, for all your zeni needs!

Relics & Dynamis

  • No hourglass is needed to enter Dynamis, just nation rank 6 and the cutscene in Xarcabard.
  • Wait time to re-enter Dynamis is 21 hours, unless you reset your timer! Trade any item to the (you'll get it back) to the Trail Markings or Hieroglyphics to have the points deducted (1000 Bayld for cities, 1000 Plasm for Dreamlands and others) and the timer reset! Keep in mind the zone itself will not reset, just your timer.
  • All city bosses have a 100% chance to drop 10 100-pieces upon death.
  • Most relic weapon skills are buffed up, and some can be used by jobs that couldn't before. See Custom Abilities for details.


  • Rise of the Zilart and Chains of Promathia are available in full.
  • Wings of the Goddess is partially coded. Dancer and Scholar can be unlocked, some missions can be done, the (S) zones can be accessed, but there are NMs who are uncoded, and other things that don't function. The advancement of content for these expansions depend on the coding abilities of private server staff/members like ourselves, or members of DSP.
  • Remember when FFXI changed a bunch of mob levels in the bottom of zones like Garlaige Citadel and Crawler's Nest, making them aggro and even kill level 75s? Most of those have had their levels corrected on Fenix to be much more forgiving. They /check mostly as Too Weak, though some are Easy Prey.

Using FFXIclopedia

FFXIclopedia is a great source of information for the game. However, since our server is based around the 2008 era of FFXI, some things on wiki can be outdated and incorrect, causing confusion in the game with certain missions, quests, or abilities. Here's a way to get wiki to show you the correct information.

Note: this is not for absolutely 100% of everything, only most things. Example: Home Points teleports came out in 2013, but we have those available on Fenix, because they're awesome and someone took the time to code them for DSP.

I'm going to use the second AF quest for samurai as an example, since it has several "JST midnight" (PST midnight on Fenix) waits on it, that the current wiki page doesn't show, because they have been changed on retail.

  • Open your desired wiki page. Example: Yomi Okuri
  • Click the small arrow next to "Edit this Page" at the top, and click History.
  • If a "2008" page does not appear in the list, search for the year 2008 in the "From year (and earlier)" search box.
  • Click any page from 2008 (click the date from the list) to view the page as it existed on that date.
  • The information shown will be more accurate for Fenix.


  • The Auction House is partially stocked with gear and weapons, set to 2008 prices.
  • It will buy items for sale at a price we set every week.
  • It will restock every 2 weeks.
  • Prices and stock are subject to change without warning.
  • The amount of items you can sell is unlimited, and the sell time is also infinite. Do not check Sales Status (currently broken, working on a fix). If you accidentally check it, you may have to re-log to use the AH again.
  • There are several shop commands available to all players. See the Commands page.


GMs will only intervene with social interaction in extreme circumstances. Otherwise, we keep to ourselves in regards to how everyone speaks to each other. We only ask that the Fenix LS be equipped at all times, so that any important information that flows through there will reach you.

Custom Commands

Shops, teleports, info, and more! See the Fenix Commands page for a full list.


  • Some special doors don't open quite right, such as the Banishing Gates in Garlaige Citadel. The best solution for this is to quest the item that opens those doors for you (Example: Pouch of Weighted Stones).
  • The "broken" AF is obtainable with Conquest Points from custom NPCs. See @reward.
  • Don't use Blink Me Not. It can cause crashes. DressUp is the new version that is safe.
  • Chocobo NPCs in the past [S] zones work, thanks to custom coding by Sacshop. They ask for allied notes, but really take gil.
  • Charybdis now has a 10% chance to spawn from any Devil Manta in Sea Serpent Grotto

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