FENIX trial pain


The first Trial of Fenix pits you against Kumhau, the Flashfrost Naakual. If you know of this foe, discard your memories of how it once was. Kumhau comes to Fenix more vicious, and tests your will by rending your flesh mercilessly, laughing as it does so.


Possible Rewards

  • Point: Fire Fewell
    • Fire Fewell will be used to augment gear! Coming soon!

Pre-Requisite Quest

Skipper Moogle

Not pictured: Port San d'Oria

Getting the ability to challenge Kumhau is a test of its own. You must be in possession of a Vanadiel Tribune Volume 1 to be considered for entry into his lair. Our trusty chaperone, the Skipper Moogle of Port San d'Oria, requires that you prove yourself worthy by collecting five chapters of the Elite Training Manual.

  • The Elite Training Chapters are all unique, have equal value, and are dropped by the following monsters. The drop chance is 100% for all party/alliance members upon defeat. You only need to obtain 5 of the following 7 chapters.
    • Ix'aern (MNK) - Elite Training Chapter 1
    • Ix'aern (DRG) - Elite Training Chapter 2
    • Ix'aern (DRK) - Elite Training Chapter 3
      • Trade 1 HQ Euvhi Organ to the ??? at F-10 in The Garden of Ru'Hmet to spawn.
    • Byakko - Elite Training Chapter 4
    • Genbu - Elite Training Chapter 5
    • Seiryu - Elite Training Chapter 6
    • Suzaku - Elite Training Chapter 7
  • Talk to the Skipper Moogle in Port San d'Oria to receive your Vanadiel Tribune Volume 1.
    • If you have more than 5 chapters, he will take the first 5 listed in your Temporary Key Items list and leave the remaining for your later use.

The Trial

Once you have your Vanadiel Tribune Volume 1, you are cleared to enter the battleground. Use the @trials pain command to teleport. Your Vanadiel Tribune Volume 1 will not be consumed upon teleporting.

If you manage to defeat Kumhau, your Vanadiel Tribune Volume 1 will be consumed and you will need to obtain another before you attempt the Trial of Fenix: Pain again.


...good luck!

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