Lots of errors can be fixed by rebooting your computer, logging in again, retracing your steps in the Installation Guide, or running programs as an Administrator. If none of the solutions here help, please use Discord to get on and chat with us. We're experts on this stuff!

As always, if this guide, FFXIclopedia, Google, the Fenix wiki, the folks on Discord (Discord Setup) or the linkshell members in-game are unable to fix your problem, please review the process at Help Desk & Ticket System to report your issue.

When attempting to update the game, Final Fantasy XI does not appear as an option in the drop down menu inside PlayOnline's Check Files option.

  • The problem is fixed by downloading the patch files on our Google Drive, and copying them into C:\Program Files (x86)\PlayOnline\SquareEnix\FINAL FANTASY XI.

When I open Windower, the xiloader.exe black screen just says "Closing" and closes without opening the game.

  • Update your game with the Check Files function (guide here).
  • Also make sure no antivirus programs or firewalls are blocking pol.exe or xiloader.exe from running.
  • You might need to enable "Direct Play" in "Turn Windows Features On or Off".
  • Try Ashita.

When I open Windower, the application crashes.

This can be for various reasons, but one of these usually helps:

  • Run Windower, xiloader, and anything else as an administrator.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Turn off Compatibility mode for those things as well.
  • Try Ashita if you have no luck.

Windower won't open for Fenix, but works for retail.

Occasionally Windower will release a hook.dll and/or Windower.exe that doesn't work for private servers, or on certain Windows operating systems (such as the Great Windower Outage of May 2017). In these cases, Windower can usually be rolled back to a previous version, then updates can be temporarily disabled. We have a guide on how to disable those updates here: Disabling Automatic Windower Updates You can also use Ashita in the meantime.

My first character logs in fine, but a second one crashes xiloader.

  • Set xiloader.exe by right clicking it, going to Properties, Compatibility tab, then check "Run as Administrator"
  • Turn off UAC in Windows settings too. UAC causes the screen to blink as it asks permission, which causes FFXI applications like xiloader to crash.

I'm getting an error like this: "The program can't start because MSVCR120.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem."

  • Install the  C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2015 C++ runtimes, available here.

When I try to create a character, it gives me error POL-3322 (name unavailable, in Japanese text) and doesn't create my character.

I'm getting error POL-3331 when trying to launch the game.

  • Update your client with the Check Files option in PlayOnline (guide here). Recommended: verify with a staff member that this is the best choice of action.
  • Also verify that you have all expansions up to Treasures of Aht Urhgan installed (more is fine).
  • If your file repair says it found zero files to repair, be sure you deleted VTABLE.DAT from the Final Fantasy XI folder, and try the update process again.
  • If that doesn't work, please contact us in Discord for technical support.

I crashed recently and now I'm getting error POL-3305 when trying to log in. Edit

  • Your character is still "logged in" after the crash. Wait 3-5 minutes and try again.
  • Feel free to ask in Discord when your "online" character disappears. We can let you know.
  • If your character refuses to leave the game, ask a GM to posfix you.

I can't see some parts of my menus, or opening certain menus crashes my game.

  • An outdated version of XIView causes this issue. Make sure you have the latest version, or remove it completely.
  • You may also have two different resolutions trying to work at once. Be sure the game window resolution you set in Windower/Ashita matches the one in FFXIConfig.

Every time Windower updates, my Gearswap (or other add-on/plugin) stops working.

Disable automatic Windower updates. Ask another Gearswap user for help with this, if needed. It is done through Windows Firewall.

Getting an error that says "xiloader.exe has stopped responding" and my game closes.

Lots of things can cause this. Please try to keep track of what you're doing when it happens, and chat with us so we can try to resolve it.

Character is unable to send or receive /tell messages.

Your name is too long, too short, or contains invalid characters. If it is too late to recreate your character, please open a ticket and ask a GM for your name to be changed.

FFXIclopedia tells me to wait 1 minute but I've been here an hour and I can't progress this quest! (or other FFXIclopedia problems.)

FFXIclopedia is a great source of information for the game. However, since our server is based around the 2008 era of FFXI, some things on wiki can be outdated and incorrect, causing confusion in the game with certain missions, quests, or abilities. Here's a way to get wiki to show you the correct information.

Note: this is not for absolutely 100% of everything, only most things. Example: Home Points teleports came out in 2013, but we have those available on Fenix, because they're awesome and someone took the time to code them for DSP.

I'm going to use the second AF quest for samurai as an example, since it has several "JST midnight" (PST midnight on Fenix) waits on it, that the current wiki page doesn't show, because they have been changed on retail.

  • Open your desired wiki page. Example: Yomi Okuri
  • Click the small arrow next to "Edit this Page" at the top, and click History.
  • If a "2008" page does not appear in the list, search for the year 2008 in the "From year (and earlier)" search box.
  • Click any page from 2008 (click the date from the list) to view the page as it existed on that date.
  • The information shown will be more accurate for Fenix.

I'm trying to unlock BLU, and I can't get the answers to Waoud's question right, no matter how carefully I follow the guide!

Another set of answers is required on DSP servers. Please use the following answers, in this order:

  1. One Forges for Oneself
  2. Absolutely
  3. Read the Scroll
  4. Without Hesitation
  5. A Chaotic Life
  6. Embrace Life as a Beast
  7. Cut Him Down
  8. Grant the Request
  9. End His Pain
  10. Follow Your Sense of Justice

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