Older posts on this page may not have been updated if they have been changed since originally announced. Please check the main wiki pages, such as Custom Abilities for up-to-date information.

July 2nd, 2017

  • Prices on Auction House for most cursed pieces, Blessed Trousers, and Phantom Earring were corrected.
  • GP trades from Guild representatives fixed!

June 26th, 2017

The established characters of Fenix were saturated with gear. Salvage gear was falling on the ground because no one needed it, and that's not the vision of Fenix we've been striving for! To remedy this, we made lots of changes as part of our continued effort to make Fenix a strong, independent, server that don't need no man.

All existing characters were given 10,000 Units, and 20,000 of every other point (bayld, plasm, notes). Please note that mules without access to the Reward zone will not be given access automatically to spend these - register them if you haven’t already to gain access! (1 main, 2 mule limit)

Certain monsters are feeling quite a bit tougher after this update, too...


Most custom drops have been removed from NMs. The following items remain/were moved:

  • Trials NM now rotates Salvage gear drops monthly. Morrigan’s is up first for Trial: Pain.
  • Jormungand, Hydra, Medusa, Gurfurlur the Menacing, and Gulool Ja Ja were given a piece of Homam and a piece of Nashira.
  • Custom Archer’s Ring, Soul Plate, and Angel Skin drops.


Some drops that were removed from NM loot pools remained in the point system for purchase, but some were removed.

The entire Rewards list/spreadsheet was organized, so base items are different. Links to FFXIclopedia pages moved out of their own column, and onto the item names. Removed “Currency” and “Item Type” columns.

Items added to Rewards:

  • Homam Gear Set
  • Nashira Gear Set
  • Nocturnus Set

Items removed from Rewards:

  • Items never bought, or barely bought
  • Salvage gear sets
  • Kirin’s Osode

Items changed to a different currency:

From Bayld to Units:
  • Hightail Bullet
From Plasm to Units:
  • Zha’Go’s Barbut
  • Ree Habalo’s Headgear
From Notes to Units:
  • Witch Sash
  • Black Tathlum
  • White Tathlum
  • Cuchulain’s Belt
  • Ixion Cape
  • Ixion Cloak
  • Crapaud Earring
  • Reign Grip
  • Wise Strap
  • Ecphoria Ring
  • Zahak’s Mail
From Notes to Plasm:
  • Askar Gear (Notes section is full)

Omega Drops

Limbus is unreliable, so they need another source. Added to NMs that otherwise drop nothing good. Also added to rewards. Strongest mobs got the best pieces. In order of strongest to weakest:


  • Homam Legs
  • Nashira Legs


  • Homam Body
  • Nashira Body


  • Homam Feet
  • Nashira Head


  • Homam Hands
  • Nashira Hands


  • Homam Head 15240
  • Nashira Feet 15662


  • Chonchon (Headlong Belt NM) now spawns.
  • EXP is now at 3x, its original value (was 3.25x).

June 3rd, 2017

From Darvis!

  • Many updates to Mythic weapons. Check Custom Items for all the details! You can also view this page to see the differences from our previous customizations.

From Jinne!

  • Qutrubs in Arrapago Reef shoudl no longer flash and blink in and out of existence.

May 29th, 2017

From Jinne!

  • Corrected an issue with spells where players were getting a bonus when they shouldn't have (no double dipping!)
  • Fixed Eldieme Necropolis doors so they will respond to a Magicked Astrolabe.

May 21st, 2017

  • Implemented auto buy/sell/stocking AH!
  • Adjusted prices of some Reward items.

May 11th, 2017

From Jinne!

  • Fixed Desert Boots incorrectly checking for snow/blizzard weather
  • Updated core to check for weather latents on weather change and equip/zone/spell change

From Fluxion/DSP!

  • DSP core update! This is so we have access to some of the cool features they've coded.
    • Retained our enmity fixes and auto pearl code within it.

May 2017

  • Healing Breath buffs by Android!
    • "This is adding in a workaround for the fact that DSP has no code for Wyvern +HP/+HP% gear. It's adding small values to "Enhances Breath" like you would find on Wyrm Armet on all the pieces of gear with Wyvern HP/HP%. The values have been tested to approximately equal the accepted retail formula."

April 2017

From Jinne!

  • Manual player reset to Dynamis timer coded!
  • WHM Maat Fix fix to the win by surviving.
  • Magicked Astrolabe coded and implemented.
  • Angel Skin drops added to Roc, Simurgh, Serket, and King Arthro.

From Wadski!

  • More WS fixes! See Custom Abilities.
  • POL icon added to CMs and GM player characters.
  • Updated Charybdis - able to spawn from any Devil Manta in the zone now (but it's spawn location didn't change).
  • Fixes to some Mythic quest KI drops.

From Fluxion!

  • Cost reduction for the Commands that cost tabs to use (1000 => 500).

March 24th, 2017

  • Some teleportation commands have changed. @cn is now @warp cn, etc. @fenix and @reward didn't change.
  • Corrected an exploitable issue with Sic and Ready.
  • Swift Belt NM (Indich) has been coded by Monkpunk! Thank you!
    • Trade a Fomor Codex to the Stale Draft at G-11 in Sacrarium. (See Indich link above)
  • Relic wait time now match retail values! No more week long wait for stage 2! (See wiki page)
    • Stage 1 - PST Midnight
    • Stage 2 - 2 Earth days
    • Stage 3 - 1 Earth day
  • Fixed an issue where the weekly point mob said "nil" instead of the actual point (notes, etc).
  • Update to balance some Mythic Weapons against their better counterparts:
    • Murgleis (RDM Sword) - changes made to give this weapon a chance against Chatoyant Staff.
      • "Magic Accuracy +10" replaced with "Elemental Affinity +2".
      • "Augments Convert" replaced with "Iridescence"
      • "Black Magic Cost Reduction -5" added.
      • "White Magic Cost Reduction -5" added.
      • "INT +10" added.
      • "MND +10" added.
      • "Magic Attack Bonus +15" added.
      • "Cure Potency +15%" added.
    • Liberator (DRK Scythe)
      • "Magic Accuracy +20" replaced with "Attack +20".
      • "Augments Absorb Spells" replaced with" Enhances Souleater".
    • Terpsichore (DNC Dagger)
      • "Increases Steps Accuracy" replaced with "Double Damage Chance During Samba 5%"
    • Nagi (NIN Katana)
      • "Magic Accuracy +10" replaced with "Attack +10".
      • "Enmity +10" replaced with "Dual Wield +5%".
      • "Augments Mijin Gakure" replaced with "Critical Hit Rate +5%".

March 21st, 2017

  • Hey Fenix Facebookers! We already have a "Page" for Fenix (please Like if you haven't already!) but now we're going to try a "Group"! The Page is staying where it is, but it will continue to just be informational/update posts made by me and Wadski. But in the group, anyone can post! Request to join here, and let's start posting!
    • As with everything on Fenix, follow the server rules, and keep posts XI related. We will not hesitate to purge anything inappropriate, but everyone is welcome to converse. If it's a hit, we'll keep it. If it's not, we'll stick with the Page and the forums.
  • A couple KI fixes for CoP questline were also put in. Thanks Jinne!

March 15th, 2017

  • New subforum created: Coding & Development - anyone can learn/submit! Check the pinned post!
  • Wadski's mythic changes added. Will post details soon!
  • Navmesh fix to hopefully stop the mobs from wallhacking.
  • Added a multiplier to the gil payout for all quests (x3).
    • I started a Making Gil guide to go with this change. If you have something to add, please do, or ask us to!

March 11th, 2017

  • The physical location of the server has changed, but you don't need to change a thing!
    • Zones are all back on one server for now, but we'll separate them again later.
    • JP Midnight is now PST Midnight (was EST before today).
    • is down, we will need to rebuild it. It will be back soon!

March 7th, 2017

  • You voiced your opinions about Dynamis and we came up with something that we hope you'll like. The Dynamis mega bosses in Sandy, Windy, Bastok, and Jeuno all have a 100% chance (that's right, it's guaranteed) to drop TEN, I repeat: TEN 100 pieces! Dynamis Lord now has a moderate chance to drop a random 10k piece!
  • Your wallets are about to get fat...

All current players will be manually given 250,000 gil on top of what they have already. You must be a registered main character, be logged in, and a GM has to give it manually (this is to assure that no random mule is getting rich). Newly registered players will also get 250k until the promotion ends, then it will be 100k.

  • Trade 50k to Tenzen in @reward to get all spells ever for everything except BLU and merited ones. Credit to Jinne for helping Wadski put it together!

March 4th, 2017

Announcing the Fenix Economy!!!

You may have seen our previous announcement. If not, here's a quote from it:

"In the coming months, you're going to see us pursue a vision of permanence, of long-term. The Fenix experience is going to morph into something that will hold your attention for months, or even years, rather than weeks or days. Most of us have played this game for 10 or more years, and while that is almost too much (what can we say? we're fans), we want to emulate the special place in our hearts that FFXI has for us, with Fenix."

Step one of our plan for renewed longevity and player retention is an economy! This gives players more goals, more things to do, more content to work on. We are letting YOU (the players) build and shape how you want the economy to go. Everyone will be at the same level to start, and how you work your way up to riches is up to you!

Some of the auction house and shops are already stocked to give you a head start, but as the economy grows and evolves, we may remove the pre-stocked items as players gain a foothold in driving sales themselves.

We’re very excited for the Fenix Economy Kickoff – starting today! 

Here’s the details:

  • Starting character gil reduced to 10 gil.
  • New players (main characters only) will receive 10,000 gil upon registration.
    • For a limited time, new registrations will receive double the amount (20k!) for our Fenix Economy Kickoff Promotion!
  • Starting character inventory size is now automatically at maximum (80).
    • (We hope to do this for existing characters too, but it has caused issues in the past with deleting items so we are waiting to do some testing.)
  • Current (existing) player gil changed to 50k.
  • Small gil drops have been added to monsters (scales with level).
  • Crafting materials have been purged from existing inventories. This is so that no one player has a huge advantage over others right off the bat.
  • If an item we didn’t purge upsets the market in an undesirable way, it may be purged later as well, along with any gil made from it. A brand new economy is fragile, and we want this to go well for all players!
  • Auction House updated and stocked with prices matching a 2008 retail server economy. Only certain consumable items are stocked.
  • Custom Fenix NPCs and @ shop prices also adjusted to 2008 standards.
    • Gobbiebag items removed from Creepstix.
  • Dynamis timer has been re-implemented to reflect this new server vision and focus.
  • Crystal cluster drops have been placed back on the respective mobs.

Gameplay Update

  • Enmity scale factoring has been adjusted to better reflect retail values when damaging enemies.

Things to Come

  • We are working hard on Treasures of Aht Urhgan! Fenix is close to having an end-to-end ToAU story.
  • The Fenix Custom Dungeon is rolling right along! Core functions and framework has been implemented, and we’re working on design now!

February 27th, 2017

From Wadski:

First off, wadski fixed the sneak/invis pots so they last a decent amount of time now! Yay! Also...

It's long overdue, and our buddy wadski has finally taken the time to do it! We did some not-so-popular hotfixes to the weapon skills, so they needed a big overhaul. Wadski tested these for hours and hours, tweaking them a little at a time until the perfect balance of private server fun with 75-era retail server accuracy. We're super happy with the results, and hope you are too. Please see the below notes from him for all the details.

"These changes were done with absolute best gear obtainable on our server. I believe thats the best way to balance things. As if a player obtains said best items, they should be rewarded with great damage (just like retail). Of course everything is subject to change I will keep a close eye on these and adjust as needed. Any input is welcome. When this goes live I will always make a patch notes thread on the forums showing all the changes.

  • Asuran Fists
    • Changed stat modifier from str 10 and vit 10 to str 30 and dex 30
    • Changed FTP from 1.0 to 3.0
    • Changed attack multi from 1.0 to 1.2.
    • Notes: This weaponskill is rather weak on live. Sometimes you can hit over 1k, but 90% of the time its around 700. With the imposed change I made it do 1k damage all the time with no buffs. With buffs, it will do 1300 damage. This is accurate with level 75 era Asuran Fists on retail.

This weaponskill is rather weak on live. Sometimes you can hit over 1k, but 90% of the time its around 700. With the imposed change I made it do 1k damage all the time with no buffs. With buffs, it will do 1300 damage. This is accurate with level 75 era Asuran Fists on retail.

  • Final Heaven
    • Changed crit chance to .8
    • Changed stat mod from VIT 80% to 60% dex 40% str
    • Changed FTP to 4.0 across the board.
    • Notes: Was doing 700-900 damage on live, Now does 1300-1500 damage and about 2k damage on crit. In line with WAR, NIN and THF. Keep in mind that MNK is broke at the moment, H2H damage and delay is not effected by weapons, someone can use no weapon and do the same damage.
  • Catastrophe
    • Changed attackmulti to 2.0 (was 1.1)
    • Changed stat mod from INT 40% AGI 40% to STR 85% (in line with SAM stat mods)
    • Changed fTP to 3.0 across the board from 2.75
    • Notes: Doing about 1600 damage now with 2k DA. This is exactly how it was on retail.
  • Ground Strike
    • Changed to FTP 3.0 across the board ( was 1.75 - 3.0) 
    • Changed stat mod to pure str 70% from str and int 40% 
    • Notes: This was really bad, now does around 900-1000 damage without buffs, 1100-1300 with buffs. 
  • Spinning Slash 
    • Changed modifier from STR 30% INT 30% to STR 30% and DEX 30% 
    • Notes: This was all that was needed to make this ws viable, Instead of doing 500-700 damage its doing 900-1100 damage fully buffed DRK/WAR. Of course you can see higher damage from SATA Spinning slash. But Mandau can do like 4k damage with it also, and its no where near that. 
  • Namas Arrow 
    • Changed the FTP to 4.2 
    • Notes: Now does about 1500-1600 damage to line up with the same damage as sidewinder . 
  • Coronach
    • Removed the crit mod.
    • Changed FTP to 4.2 Across the board (was 3.0) to line up as the same damage as Namas Arrow
    • Changed attack multi to 1.1 (was 1.0)
    • Notes: This will make people have a choice if they like gun or bow better; they will be about the same.
  • Blade: Jin
    • Changed FTP from 1.0 to 2.0
    • Changed attackmulti from 1 to 1.2
    • Notes: This now does a consistent retail-like damage of 700-900 non crit, and with best in slot gear up to 1.4k on crit.
  • Blade: Ku
    • Changed stat mod 30% str 30% dex from 10% each
    • Changed FTP from 1.0 to 2.5
    • Changed Attackmulti 1.0 to 1.2
    • Notes: Now is doing about 600-1k damage if you have the proper acc gear. It can do more, but this is rare.
  • Tachi: Kaiten
    • Changed FTP mod from 3 to 3.5 across the board.
    • Changed Attackmulti to 2.5
    • Notes: This weapon skill is where it should be now. Does around 1500-1800 damage (behind warrior and thf and everything else by 300-400 damage due to meditate). DA can do 2k damage with amazing gear, maybe a bit more.
  • Tachi: Gekko
    • Changed FTP to 3 from 1.5 - across the board
    • Notes: This now allows Gekko to do a normal amount of 900-1100 damage DA can be between 1200-1600 damage (1600 was rare 1/100 WSs). This is very much how it was on retail.
  • Tachi: Kasha
    • Changed FTP to 3.0
    • Notes: Acts the same as Gekko.
  • Penta Thrust
    • Changed fTP to 1.5 from 1
    • Increased attackmulti to 1.1 from 0.8
    • Notes: This weapon skill was in a bad place was only doing 500-1k damage. I'm sure we all remember why drg got popular after ToAU (birds). This is a special weapon skill, its 8 hit. So you need super amazing gear to see these kinds of numbers(on DA) but this is very retail accurate. 900-2k damage.. It varies but hovers around 1200 damage.
  • Raging Rush
    • Changed FTP from 1 to 1.5 across the board
    • Changed attackmulti from 1 to 1.2
    • Changed crit chance to 30% across the board.
    • Notes: Averages around 1k-1.4k with a random crit to 1.8k (Supposed to do that)
  • Steel Cyclone
    • Changed FTP to 2, 3 and 4
    • Changed stat mod from str vit 50% to str dex 50%
    • Notes: Damage /sam is around 900-1100, about 1300-1400 on DA. With SATA it will prolly be around 2k as it should (sata 1 min cooldown - it can not spam this)."

January 26th, 2017

  • Cosmo Cleanse (for Limbus) timer has been reduced from 11 hours to 5 while the instance still has issues. This will return to 11 when we have had a chance to work on it.
  • Lots of behind the scenes code cleanup is being rolled out. This won't affect players much (we'll let you know if it does), but it does make stuff easier to manage so if we want to make changes to our custom content, it will be loads easier now!

January 19th, 2017

From Wadski:

  • Jailer of Justice can now be spawned.

From Lagian:

  • UFOs in sea will fall from the sky and attack you again. Praise Altana!

From Darvis:

With a special shout-out to Emrod, Volkov, Fluxion, and Wadski for their help and advice.

  • Relic weapon skills final (for now) tweaks! Custom Abilities page updated with new values.
    • Tachi: Kaiten - no changes since Flux's besides the Store TP +7 has been removed from the aftermath and replaced with the originally intended 10% Haste.
    • Metatron Torment - STR mod is now 75%. fTP is 3.5, Attack mod is 2.
    • Scourge - Finally a little love for the Ragnarok! Our custom 40% STR mod is now 60%, and the retail attack mod of 1 has been increased to 1.5.
    • Catastrophe - just a little poke to improve its damage. Attack mod of 1 is now 1.5.
  • Claustrum had a huge overhaul. Here's the full list of its modifications. It seems like overkill, but we wanted this staff to be valuable for all jobs that use it (including SMN), along with being noticeably better than Chatoyant Staff.
    • Elemental magic damage + 15%
    • Elemental magic accuracy +15%
    • Avatar Perpetuation Cost -3
    • INT +10
    • MND +10
    • MP Healed while resting +10
    • Refresh +1
    • Iridescence
    • Black Magic Cost -25
    • Elemental Magic Affected By Day Bonus +10
    • Pet/Avatar Accuracy +20
    • Pet/Avatar Attack +20
    • Pet/Avatar Crit Rate +20
    • Additionally: usable by SCH (Thyrus as well).
  • And thanks to a suggestion from Mylliana, BRD gets to benefit from the Vivid Strap we customized now too! It has gained CHR+2 in addition to the other cool stuff we added.

January 11th, 2017

  • It is now possible to force-spawn HNM land kings.

January 9th, 2017

From Fluxion:

  • Bayld cost of Ridill reduced from 50k to 25k.
  • Beetle Mask/+1 now properly accepted by the Bonecraft NPC for GP in @fenix.
  • Luzaf's Ring added to @reward (1000 Notes).

From Wadski, our newest CM:

  • Ix'Drk can now be spawned! He doesn't currently have any adds, but those will come in time. Just trade an HQ Euvhi Organ to the ??? at F-10 in The Garden of Ru'Hmet!

January 7th, 2017

From Lagian:

  • You asked for them! You got them! Mob two hours will be returning soon. They will be introduced in small chunks. This change will not require any server rebuilds, so you'll have to discover which mobs have their two hours back for yourselves!

January 6th, 2017

From Lagian the champ:

  • Many bugs corrected in Dynamis, such as:
    • Mobs no longer randomly despawn/spawn.
    • The "unable to attack" message will no longer happen.
    • The timer to get back into Dynamis after starting a run has been re-implemented.
    • Mobs in Dynamis now use their 2-hour abilities again.
  • AF NPCs have been restored in @reward, and function like they used to.
  • A new NPC now exists next to the Moogle in @reward who gives out quested weapon skills that are otherwise unobtainable since DSP broke the code that used to automatically give them out. When the quests start to work, this NPC will be removed so get them while you can!
    • Some weapon skills were given out that should not have been, such as Empyrean and Mythic. These will be removed from your character soon.
  • RNG unlock quest has been fixed.

2017 Platform Upgrade

Fenix is now running all zones on their own instance! This means that if one zone goes down because of a crash, NO other zone goes down. And since it has to load less to launch it, this means the zone restart upon such a crash is only a few seconds. Lagian put an extreme amount of work into this. It is difficult to express how hard he worked on it and for how long. Please thank him if you get the chance, he's too good to be true!

November 11th, 2016

  • Update to a more current version of DSP to get rid of multiple bugs.
    • DRG Wyvern no longer disappears when zoning.
  • Wardrobe 3 & 4 added!
  • Lots of bugs and crashes fixed.
  • The merit cap increase category now works!

October 7th, 2016

From Lagian:

  • Corrected an error where Ouryu will not land during the fight for The Savage.
  • Added the effect of Mistmelt to Ouryu as well.
  • Added the effect of Yellow Liquid to the Mammets in Ancient Vows.

August 24th, 2016

From Lagian:

  • Moved Wardrobe Size to SQL Table so they can be adjusted if we see fit.
  • Modified how battlefields clear enmity to prevent enemies from continuing to attack after the battle is won.

June 17th, 2016

From Lagian:

  • Corrected delay on MNK-type mobs so they're not going overly ham on you with their fists.

June 10th, 2016

From Lagian, the superbeast:

  • Proudly presenting, by popular demand, and as far as we know, EXCLUSIVE to the Fenix server, a very old school nostalgic event...who is ready for ECO WARRIOR?!
  • BCNMs such as Maat fight and Ouryu have been fixed so players don't get stuck in a black screen upon win.
  • Reward base items will be changing! Instead of using random pieces of 75+ gear as base items, Lagian has skillfully coded it so that the Moogle will take a certain number of stackable items instead. The items we'll be using are: HP-Bayld (bayld items), Pluton (plasm items), Beitestsu (notes items), and Riftborn Boulders (units items). These items will still be purchased from a shop in @reward for 1 gil, but it will be 1 shop instead of 6, and 4 items instead of hundreds!
    • Price changes will be coming too (mostly decreases) to better suit the server population.
    • On the back end, the code is much spiffier and less convoluted. Go Lagian!
  • As if you couldn't get more excited: MOG WARDROBE 2! This functions just like Mog Wardrobe 1, except it's 80 MORE slots, for 80 MORE pieces of gear that you can access and equip without moving into your inventory!
  • Mog Safe expansion quest added! Also by popular demand, and just because, duh.
  • Inactive mob fix will be in - the timer has been altered so that mobs won't forget about you as much when aggroing (hello Dynamis/Vrtra/many others).
  • Fix to several quests that would not complete/crashed the server, due to an error in the fame-giving line of the code(examples: PLD unlock quest, RDM AF).
  • DNC AF quest fix.

From Likora:

  • Sanraku fix - he'll do stuff now!

From Fluxion:

  • Added system message to the Gobbiebag quest goblin, telling you about the shop right behind him that sells all the items you need for the quests.
  • Hotfix for the buggy undersea ruins gate guard who wouldn't let you out.

May 10th, 2016

With the help of Lagian, to make the PLDs rejoice:

  • Basic Changes to get Enmity Decay and Atonement to Work on Fenix:
    • Bring Core up to more current version based off of DSP.
    • Incorporate the new getCE and getVE funtions.
    • Fix the "attacker" portion of Atonement.lua and Spirits_within.lua.  It wasn't calling correctly and causing the WS's to miss every time.

Also from Fenix staff:

  • The Moogle in @fenix now works in full! Job changes, Mog safe 2, the works!
  • Auto-pearl re-implemented for on character creation.
  • BLU Mage unlock quest fixed.
  • Weapon skill required skill level changes to reflect an actually obtainable level for jobs on the Fenix server. Also bypasses the need to quest them (like Atonement). Most of these were lowered to a point where an earring from Divine Might (that increases combat skill) isn't needed to access the weapon skill. The others are notated if different.
    • Tornado Kick - lowered to 292.
    • Chant du Cygne - lowered to 297.
    • Atonement - lowered to 292, usable with just capped sword and sword merits.
    • Expiacion - lowered to 285.
    • Sanguine Blade - lowered to 297.
    • Fell Cleave - lowered to 299.
    • Infernal Scythe - lowered to 299.
    • Sonic Thrust - lowered to 299.
    • Tachi: Ageha - lowered to 299.
    • Flash Nova - lowered to 279, so that WHM can utilize it.
    • Numbing Shot - lowered to 273, so that COR can utilize it.

From DSP:

  • Afflatus Misery damage mod added
  • Overwhelm fixes
  • Charm adjustments
  • Mob levels in WotG northlands fixed
  • Logging in as the same character as one online no longer boots the online one off
  • @delitem added
  • Mobs that cast don't chase you as much, and prioritize casting
  • Cave Antlions and Chigoes can now be targeted
  • Fix for Trick Attack damage on weapon skills
  • Kindred Bard (Dyna) currency drop rate lowered for 100s, raised for singles
  • Hyakinthos spawns and drops Lava's Ring
  • Belladonna spawns
  • And more! Check out DSP's commit list here.


  • Grounds Tomes fixed. Now properly give you the page when you ask it to repeat the regime.
  • @craft changed to @fenix - with a HOT surprise!
  • @social changed to @wg.
  • Language changed on other teleport Commands to reflect Fenix name.


  • Items placed back in AH list: Haubergeon, Byrnie, Parchment, Coeurl Meat, Cerberus Claw. Sorry about that!


Exciting news! The level caps in Chains of Promathia zones have been REMOVED on Fenix, for the next 3 months or more! Let's get that sea access!

Moogle in @craft is now functional.


Server login address has changed to (use in place of an IP in Windower). The old IP is under the command of Hookstar, and is separately owned, and unrelated to this wiki or the Guildwork website located here. Details on the change can be found in this thread.


Updated server to current retail version: 30160329_0. Please follow our guide at How to Update to update your game client. You will receive error POL-3331 when trying to log in if you do not update.


Chigoes and aggressive antlions removed from spawn tables due to being untargetable when they attack.

RNG quest fixed, Old Tiger now spawns. Also feel free to murder his face off since this code currently doesn't care if he dies or gets killed.

Cerberus Claw added to Bonecraft NPC in @craft.

Claustrum mods restored.


First phase of the Points & Rewards system rehaul, per the Town Hall suggestions. This includes drops being put back on mobs. Even some custom ones! We'll be posting the custom drops publicly as soon as we get a list together. Here's a couple of the good ones:

All the good stuff placed back on the big game kills. Abjurations, sky gear, ZNM drops, etc...

Custom items added to drops as well, and the garbage drops removed. Please see Custom Drops for a full list.

Tons of fixes for the big issues we've been experiencing lately, including:

Tiamat now lands and does Touchdown.

Black screen CS issues on BCNMs fixed.

Auto-Linkshell on new character creation.

Beastman mobs' pets now spawn.

Attention WHMs! Mjollnir buffs: Adding refresh +1, Cure Potency +15%, Cure Cast Time -10%. Also removing the ability for PLD to equip. You paladins have two relics already! #dealwithit

Revamp of Auction House stock to be better for everyone. Plus we were able to remove 75+ stuff completely from the list! No more thumbing through stuff you can't use!


From your Fenix Team!

A decrease to experience rate gained.

Pages will no longer give rewards in alliance.

From DSP:

Fixed a crash when automatons die or are deactivated

Fixed some ability messages using the wrong IDs

Fixed Goblin Drink

Added and corrected several animation delays

Corrected several NPC IDs

Fix where Mobs would de-aggro instead of moving to next on the Enmity list

Several NPC ID corrections

Fixes to Fomor's using the wrong class WS

Fixes for Mobs where they were not spawning pets or shooting arrows

Improve Line of Sight for Mobs linking

Fixed some issues with allies in BCNM's

Fixed Battlefield time messages in BCNM's

Fixes to Limbus time chests

Improvements to Spell range check

Added Line of Sight checks to several actions

Improvements to Magic Affinity (elemental)

Fix for non-damaging Spells breaking Bind

Fixed a bug where Spells were not gaining Enmity

Improvements to Defensive Skillups

You will no longer lose Exp when killed by Mijin Gakure

Dynamis currency drop rate adjusted to be more retail accurate

Corrected Jadeshell drop rate in Dynamis-Windurst to be more balanced with other cities

Added Mission 5-2 Final CS

Fix for Mission 5-2 BCNM ending prematurely causing client crashes

Fix for Mission 5-2 where player would get stuck in CS after Shadow Lord was defeated

Made improvements to 5-2 Shadow Lord fight addressing multiple glitches

Fix for ZM8 CS issue

Several quest and mission scripts corrected

Chi Blast will now be effected by Penance Merits

Fixed Trick Attack not adding Enmity properly

Made improvements to Healing Breath

Offensive Wyvern Breath will now consume TP on use

Adjusted Jump to be more retail accurate

Adjusted High Jump to be more retail accurate

Fixed Wyvern skills to be under Job Abilities

Made several improvements and bug fixes for Wyvern Abilities

A fix for Ranged Attacks occasionally not consuming Ammo

Fixed RNG AF quest line

Fixed Enmity values on Coronach and Namas Arrow

Improved Critical Hit on Ranged Weapons

Fixed BST pet Abilities not showing up

Fixes to Jug pets and their Ready Abilities

Made improvements to Charm

Made improvement to Reward

Reward will correctly add Beast Healer merits to the Reward bonus

Fixed a bug where Pets were not being removed from the Enmity table after being released

Spirits Within will now have a slight Enmity gain

Corrected damage for Spirit's Within when used below 300 TP

Improved proc rate of Defensive skills ie; parrying, counters, etc.


Fixed Defensive Blood Pacts from mis-targeting the wrong Mob

Fixes to Avatar Physical Abilities and how they effect Mobs

Fixed a glitch where Summons could be summoned multiple times

Fixed targetting of self-target Blood Pact: Wards

Fixed a bug where Avatars were not being removed from the Enmity table after being release

Made improvements to Ninjutsu skill damage

Fixed a bug with Third Eye

Quick Draw gives TP

Added Quick Draw Recast merit

Improved Critical Hit on Ranged Weaponskills

Fold has been adjusted to correctly reset Phantom Roll recast

Several fixes for COR that stabilized their Card Abilities

Fixes for DNC AF quests

Fixed Embrava to be 180s instead of 90s

Fixed Kaustra so it is effected by Magic Attack/Defense bonus

Improved Avatar's Magic Skills

Fixes for SCH AF quests


Plasm now drops from mobs in Limbus!


Put the relic WS customizations back in that got lost. Haven't gotten to the aftermath changes yet, but the base stat changes are back. (Referenced here:

Made it so the T2 NPC (Tenzen) in @reward will now accept H.Q. organs from Sea mobs, and will give you some Plasm in return!

The custom GP NPCs in @craft now accept multiples of the same item.


From your Fenix Team!

Six new teleport commands (like to Crawler's Nest)! They cost 1,000 Valor Tabs per use. See Fenix Server Commands for more details.

New characters now automatically receive a linkpearl to the Serverwide LS upon creation!

There are now KI checks in the @reward moogle. You must actually have access to the content to be able to get the gear from it. Example: you must have sky access to get a Kirin's Osode. This is a long overdue implementation that we'll hope you agree is fair.

Several point drop corrections, additions, and increases.

Bayld added to Maat Fight clear (at the very end of the quest), and onto obtaining Maat's Cap.

Conquest Point trade NPCs have been added! That means Chocobo Whistle, folks! Details on the Points & Rewards page.

From DSP

All DSP updates since 12/22/15. See their commits page for details.


From your Fenix team!

HUGE changes to Maat's Cap. All the original Goodness, with something from every job you put into getting it. Who needs many hats when you have this? One hat to rule them all.

Obtain Maat's Cap to have the exact stats revealed. Trust us, they're epic!

You know how Some Aht Urhgan jobs couldn't equip certain things before? Well, thanks to GM Emrod, that crazy rule is NO MORE!

Claustrum  can be used by SCH!

Mandau can be used by DNC!

Spharai can be used by PUP!

Excalibur can be used by BLU!

Annihilator can be used by COR!

Skadi gear can be used by DNC!

Morrigan's gear can be used by SCH!

Excited? Well hold onto your pants: THE SUPER MEGA ULTIMATE NUKING OBI IS NOW OBTAINABLE (normally only obtainable through synergy)! Hachirin-no-Obi can be obtained from Yurim by trading all 8 of the other sea obis to her. It combines all of the effects of all the other belts. Check it out!

Adding Vivid Strap +1 to go with our custom Vivid Strap. It will have: Vivid Strap +1 - Custom stats: Converts 20 HP to MP, Magic Accuracy +2, INT+3, MND+2, Fast Cast +1%

Any and all DSP updates, including the client update.

From DSP:

Removed the WS skillflag from Equalizer as it's not a Fomor WS - it works as expected now.

Increased the slow and elegy effect power on Chemical Bomb from 1 each to 512 each, as both are a very severe effect. Increased the duration as well.

Fixed the swapping of Pyric and Polar Bulwark - they were using the wrong mobskill ID.

Increased the power of curse so it's -50% HP.

Added the temporary disabling of no turning behaviour upon head regrowth; corrected the skills used upon head regrowth.

Added the forcing of Nerve Gas upon using a Bulwark move; allowed Nerve Gas to be used with any amount of heads instead of all three; removed boosted Poison DoT for Tinnin because it's not supposed to have that.

Corrected nameflag ("Tinnin" instead of "The Tinnin").

Reduced the power of Gravity effect from Barofield because having both it and curse would prevent movement. Something like this would be stated on the wiki if it were a thing on retail...

Reduced the power of Regen - supposed to be "a fairly weak Auto Regen" (50/tic until all three heads have grown for the first time, 10/tic at that point).

Removed Regain because it's not supposed to have it (or if it does it's really weak).

Added attack boost when it goes under 25% HP

Added single target draw-in; gains 300 TP upon drawing in as it's to use a mobskill after drawing someone in.

Added breath damage immunity.

Removed the setting of the subanim on spawn since the core handles it via the value set in mob pools table where it's already set.

Stop Windurst mission 1-3 from infinitely repeating itself

Scripts: Add sanity check for switch by Sacrifical Chamber

Fix for issue 2501, single items of stackables were being returned from AH as full stacks

Correct damage type value for some ranged weapons.

SQL\DATABASE: Changing Jailer of Love to SMN

Scripts: Fix Moonlight Ore trade

Scripts: Make Prelude effect actually do something.

Update guild_item_points.sql. Incorrect Item ID for Zafmlug Bass

SQL\DATABASE: Mob Skill Updates for AV Family ID

Scripts/SQL: Add/update mobskills for (proto) Omega/Ultima.lua

SQL: Corrected Fish Oil Synth to give proper HQ result.  Fixes #2445

Possible auto HP fix


Creepstix now sells Gobbiebag items for 1 gil! He's near Bluffnix.


From your Fenix team!

Holiday decorations and music! Yay!

Added new tier 4 points to NMs in WotG zones (step 1 of 4 for T4 implementation).

Added in proper Ecphoria Ring stats.

From DSP:

Scripts: No standback for Bahamut/Eald'narche

Fixed an issue with status_effects packet - wasn't reporting correct buff ID for empty buffs for buffs over 16

Added missing diabolos cs npc - ra kaznar npcs correction

[ITEM][SCRIPT] Tizona Lua file

Fixed Bahamut's Text ID in Riverne Site #B01

Added script for Bahamut's Touchdown

CORE: Mobs no longer path through walls

Fixed typo in Sanguine Blade

SQL: Fix Gastraphetes' "Increases Barrage Accuracy" mod


Mercurial Kris and Mercurial Sword added to the Points & Rewards system.

NPCs in @craft can now exchange items for GP.

Multiple minor bug corrections.


From your Fenix Team!

The trades for the chocobo license quest, Chocobo's Wounds, now only have a wait timer of 60 seconds, rather than one hour.

Implementation of T4 reward items and adjustment to cost of some T1-3 Items.

The high level mobs in some dungeons (Garlaige Citadel, Crawler's Nest, etc) have been reduced. Most are now Too Weak to a 75, but some are still Easy Prey, so be careful! Now they won't just murder you if you aggro them on accident (they were Tough to Very Tough before to a level 75).

Fixes by Emrod!

Nocturnus Set fixed.

Shadow Ring and Shadow Mantle fixed.

Claustrum fixed.

Birdbanes damage type corrected to piercing.

Homam Corazza now has 3% Triple Attack, instead of 1%.

From DSP:

The list is huge, so I put it on Pastebin. Click here.


Handbanana is now a tier 1 GM! Congratulations!

GM Staff Meeting complete. Some of the topics discussed:

Possible buff NPCs to be made.

Changes to GP and obtaining the crafting gear coming soon.

The new tier in @reward, Tier 4 and point acquisition project started.

Next server reset: unlimited sell time on AH. No more getting stuff sent back after 3 days!


Shemo in Port Jeuno now accepts Kindred's Crests and High Kindred's Crests in exchange for Beastmen's Seals and Kindred's Seals.

Ryoma in Norg now accepts Suratobi Kyahan in exchange for Fume Sune-ate.

Created new wiki page for Custom Trade Functions such as these.


The NPCs in @reward aren't just orcs anymore! They're Lion, Tenzen, Naji, and Abquhbah! Thanks Hookstar!

Added tons of new reward items to the Points & Rewards system from the Assault system.

The following Sea NMs are coded and implemented: Jailer of Hope, Jailer of Justice, Jailer of Prudence, and Jailer of Love.


With everything going on, this one took us a while! It's a big one.

Fenix specific:

We officially went live 9/22/15, and posted on BG, reddit, and DSP (more in the future, check out this thread for the links). Check the links to support your server through comments/upvotes! Don't forget to share our Facebook page updates too!

Lots of new players. Welcome everyone!

Congratulations Sacshop on becoming a Tier 3 GM!

Congratulations Emrod and Fishtacos on becoming Tier 1 GMs!

Added a boat load of new items to the NPC shops in @craft! Check 'em out!

Added a message telling players they received points from certain NM's and BCNM's.

Custom commands added:

@ranged for all your ranged ammo needs!

@points to see all of your points in one place!

@jugs for all your Beastmaster needs!

Added points to even more places in the world!

Fixed the teleporters in The Garden of Ru'Hmet.

Removed all appropriate drops from mobs (still a work in progress due to this being our first major update).

Coming soon: custom BCNMs, trivia nights on Discord, changes to Dynamis currency drop rates, and more! Don't forget to use our Server Suggestions Board if you have any ideas for us!

From DSP:

Wings of the Goddess:

Added Wrath of the Griffon.

Fixed Claws of the Griffon.

Added Chaneque NM, drop, TP move.

Added more WotG Missions.

Adding Ramponneau NM.


Death Scythe NQ/HQ Drain Additional Effect fixed.

Adding Mamushito NQ and HQ Additional Effect.

Elemental Obi bonus as mods, added Hachirin-no-Obi. (This is an obi that combines all the elemental obis. Fenix is working on making this craftable!)

Dasra's Ring and Nasatya's Ring now work as intended.

A lot of Food updates.

Breath Mantle/High Breath Mantle enchantments will now dissipate when the items are unequipped and should no longer overwrite another current enchantment when they are equipped.

Updated bowl_of_goblin_stew.lua.

SQL: Atzintli Necklace now implemented.

Scripts: Gothic gearset mods.

SQL: Marabout Sandals latents fixed.


SQL: Composure and Velocity Shot effect, added the flag that enables the status to wear upon zoning.

Added Summon Skill Pet Accuracy Bonus.

Players should no longer be drawn in below the floor by mobs that use Draw In.

Updated Angon to be able claim monsters on use.

SCRIPTS: Dread Spike Duration Change.

SQL: SCH Storm Adjustments.

SCRIPTS: Thunderbolt Fix.

SCRIPTS: Benediction Fix.

SQL/CORE/SCRIPTS: Apogee fixed.

SCRIPTS/SQL/CORE: Blood Pact II Modifier.

Enhanced Elemental Siphon to more closely resemble retail values (should increase).

SCRIPTS: Meteor Adjustment.

Added SQL: SMN Item Mods.

Klimaform will now increase enfeeble spell accuracy.

Sea/CoP NMs/Mobs:

Ix'Zdei Silence Immunity implemented.

Fixed Ix'Aern DRG spawn conditions.

Other NMs:

Bloodsucker NM (re)spawn time to 1 hour. Was longer before.

Removed respawntime for certain force spawned NM crawlers.

Removed King Behemoth's regen, and made him immune to silence, stun, and sleep.

Cerberus family mobskill direction check, for directional TP moves.

Fixed Land kings (mainly King Arthro) spawn issues among others.

SQL: Added doom mobskill to Yagudo NMs.

SQL: Added Wrath of Gu'Dha to Dynamis-Bastok NMs. Added knockback to mobs that should have it.

SQL: Implemented all promyvion bosses special skills except Fission.

Other monsters:

Removed blood aggro from Eotyrannus.

SQL/Core/Scripts: Fixed MobMod for conditional monster 2hrs.

Fixed two Master Coeurl spawn points.

Fixed a Magic Pot spawn point in Lower Delkfutt's Tower.

SQL: Added knockback for Turtle and Quadav head butt. Mandragora head butt has 50% chance to knock back.

Mobs will now turn up to 5 times while roaming. Also reduced mob roam distance and increased mob roaming cool down. Affects NMs too.

CORE: Mob buff abilities should now hit mob's pets as well (like Benediction).

Made mob pet health more accurate.

SQL: Lizards in Pso'Xja now use Snowball mobskill and drop ice crystals.

SQL: Added panzerschreck mobskill to dolls.

SQL: Warmachines will now properly link with orcs.

SQL: Added back missing water wall and water shield mobskills.

SQL: Fomor mob skills are back to normal.

CORE: Mobs will no longer disappear but still have its name visible.

SQL: Kindred Demons are no longer true sight in Ulegeurand Range.

SQL: Magic damage taken decreased for certain mobs according to wiki: Demons, flans, corse, cardians, ahriman, evil weapons, ghrahs, magic pots and lamiae.

SQL: Added strong lullaby resistance to demons and fomors.

Fixed RNG Dynamis mods 2 hour and added resists to Dynamis statues.

SQL: Removed bats resistant to sleep, fixed duration of level 5 petrification mobskill.

Dynamis mobs' resistances are now more powerful.


Fixed Prishe script for CoP 8-4 Dawn fight (she fights!).

Scripts: Tenzen's Path KI bug fix + Sea requirement check.

Scripts: Fixed NPC for Windurst 7-2, Awakening of the Gods.

CoP Dawn Key Item fix: now shows message that player receives Tear of Altana.


Added excavation site script for Olduum quest.

Added The Opo-opo and I questline.

Scripts: Remove full moon check from RNG AF weapon quest.

Added Orlando's Antiques quest.

Changing answer to both wikis for BLU unlock quest.

SCRIPTS: Corrects check order to prevent The Pickpocket from blocking DRG AF2 quest activation.

Added quest Say It with Flowers.

Game User Interface:

Corrected chat packet length calculation and Increased chat message buffer size to maximum. (Translation: long messages won't cause people's game to crash anymore. Huzzah!)

Implemented status effect timers (under config, Misc 3 in game! Try it, it's rad.)

CORE: Crash will no longer occur when inviting someone from search.


CORE: All navmeshes except cities are loaded by default (aka mobs can't go through walls in such extreme ways, yay!).

SCRIPTS: Fix GoV Circumspection (sneak & invis) so that it now works.

Added trade debugging.

Correct MOD_WINDRES value (translation: wind resistance was generally incorrect, now fixed).

Make server admins able to disable GoV/FoV manuals for the server.

Added enchantments that will expire upon zoning.

CORE: Fixes crash that's caused by spawning pet inside a BC.

CORE: Redid magic resistance formula.

DOCS: Added txt file that will fix all known animations and unknown animations.

8/26/15 Edit

I present to you the Fenix-FFXI Helpdesk: See the Help Desk & Ticket System page for more details. 

Coming soon: tweaking several NMs, NPCs, and missions, taking a couple non-used items from the drop tables.

8/25/15 Edit

Gate of Tartarus (Relic ws) now has proper aftermath based on TP.

Broken Artifact Armor quest NPCs

@reward to teleport to Provenance and see the jobs that have messed up a quest for AF.

Take heed to what the NPC asks for. Once requested items are turned in, that's when you lose currency.

Lava's Ring and Kusha's Ring set

Now properly coded for benefit of wearing both. This is a WotG mob, so get your Delorean out and go get yourself a set!

King Behemoth

Big thanks to Zenny for making KB immune to the old style bind nuke. Plds get your running shoes on!

Auction House

Found an error in AH load set. Corrected and restocked. Please keep and eye out for anything else wrong. Some stacks of items may not be on there. If you feel they need/should be there let a GM know and we'll discuss implementation. 


Two new NPCs are in @craft: crystal shop and AH. Will be effective once server is rebooted next. 

Chatoyant/Iridal staff recipes have been added.

Chatoyant Staff: 100 WW, HQ staves + light crystal

Iridal Staff: 100 WW, NQ staves + light crystal. 

Help Desk / Ticket System

Coming soon!

At the help desk, you will submit tickets to the staff that we can review on an individual basis and solve as soon as possible. You'll also be able to check their status at any time and comment.

Coming soon: Certain NM/HNM modifications, Help Desk Ticket System, finalize Points & Rewards system.


@reward will take you to Provenance. There are several NPC's there. Earn enough Conquest points to receive their boon (such as certain sets of AF1)!

2hr abilities are 1hr, and will stay that way. One hour matches the increased pace on Fenix, so we're keepin' it real.

Fields of Valor page completion experience has been adjusted. Mostly for higher levels.

Stroper Chyme now drops Archers rings in order to facilitate Sniper's Ring(+1) crafting. Get to leveling that leathercraft!

Tomorrow's update will include our trouble ticket system as well as Lava and Kusha's rings, Shadow Ring and Mantle and assorted stuffs.

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